Baked Foie Gras, caramelized onion, pear, fig cream 18,00
Gratinated Baby Lobster with tomato and samphire, salsa romesco 16,00 28,00
Zander fillet, fennel puree, bimi and sabayon with lime 28,00
Wild pigeon, cream of yellow beet, butternut, chicory, poultry gravy with figs and croquettes 30,00


Quinoa salad with avocado, mango, paprika and cucumber (vegan) 15,00 22,00
Goat cheese, iceberg lettuce, arugula, pistachio, apple, walnuts and honey dressing 15,00 23,00
Fresh belgian white blue tartare, salad and french fries 27,00
LAM'EAU salad with smoked salmon, king crab, grey shrimps, guacamole, lime oil and burrito chips 17,00 27,00


Homemade croquettes of Camembert and Stilton, with rocket salad and lemon 16,00
Wagyu beef carpaccio with rocket salad, parmesan, white truffle oil, brushetta with tomato 17,00
Crispy veal sweetbread, egg-plant caviar and ‘Coeur de boeuf’ tomato 18,00
Scallop carpaccio, avocado cream, mango dressing and green asparagus 17,00
Gazpacho tomato-water melon, mozzarella and basil 10,00
Tuna tartar, wasabi cracker, salted ginger, lemon and sesame 18,00
Homemade croquettes of eel in green herbs, smoked eel, citrus gel and puffed quinoa 17,00

Main Course Meat

Juicy stuffed chicken, carrot cream, green beans, bunch tomatoes, gravy with Carolus 28,00
Duck fillet, chutney with tomato and peach, watercress cream, vegetable chips, small spring potatoes and cherry gravy 29,00
Duck fillet, chutney with apple and tomato, parsnip cream, young carrot, crispy beetroot, and cranberry sauce 29,00
Filet pur ‘Limousin’, crispy summersalad, béarnaise sauce and french fries 34,00

Main Course Fish

Fried ray wing, capers, lemon butter and Jacket potaio *beer suggestion Maneblusser %5,80 27,00
Sea bass fillet, cauliflower, sea lavender, samphire, mashed potatoes 28,00
Cod fillet, in a crust, pasta, vegetables in season, herb brouth 29,50
Baked Sole with a green salad, Frenche fries and tartar sauce 34,00


Lentil stew with seasonal vegetables and small spring potatoes (vegan) 22,00
Ravioli with dried tomatoes, samphire, parmesan and basil oil 24,00