Herring with Granny Smith apples, green beans and yogurt dressing 13,50
Avocado with home smoked salmon, crayfish tails, walnuts and red berries 14,50
Mussels, white wine Garlic/Look room 26,00
Grilled Black Agnus zesrib, finely-cut endives salad, French fries and sauce Choron 32,80


Salad ‘Parma’, Felino ham, Panchetta, colored radishes, sundried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, rocket salad and pesto cream 15,00 21,50
LAM'EAU salad with smoked salmon, king crab, grey shrimps, guacamole, lime oil and burrito chips 16,50 23,50
Fresh belgian white blue tartare, salad and french fries 23,80


Duo of goose liver, dried figs, toast of raisin bread, quince gel and crumble from hazelnut 17,80
Homemade croquettes of eel in green herbs, smoked eel, citrus gel and puffed quinoa 14,90
Split pea soup, bacon, bread crusts and smoked sausage 8,50
Homemade croquettes off Camembert, stilton with salad and lemon 13,80
Wagyu beef carpaccio with rocket salad, parmesan, white truffle oil, brushetta with tomato 13,80
Tartar of tuna, King Crab, soy beans, red onion and wasabi crea 15,90
Crispy veal sweetbread, cream of celeriac, ca- ramelized silver onions and truffle krupuk 16,80

Main Course Meat

Juicy stuffed farm chicken, carrot, pump- kin cream, young carrot, mange-tout, silky rosegill and Vadouvan sauce 26,80
Solomillo “Duroc”, salsify cream, baby chicory, Brussels sprouts and game sauce 27,10
Lamb filet with green zucchini cream, dried goat cheese, grilled yellow zucchini, prune gel and gratin 29,50
Filet Pur ‘Limousin’, chicory roasted oni- on, bunch tomatoes, béarnaise and French fries 34,00

Main Course Fish

Sea bass filet, risotto with young peas red pestocream and walnuts 26,50
Fried ray wing, capers, lemon butter and Jacket potaio /*beer suggestion Maneblusser %5,80 27,50
Cod fillet with cauliflower, samphire, grey shrimp, berre blanc and homestead puree 28,60
Baked Sole with a green salad, Frenche fries and tartar sauce 33,30


Raviolini with beetroot, and feta cheese, spring onion, and red onion vinaigrette 22,60
Risotto with young peas, red pestocream am and walnuts 22,60